One week later

It has been one week since the foal was born. During that week we have had at least five inches of rain pouring down on the valley. This has made it hard for me to mow, do anymore fencing or gardening work. Last night it rained again and I woke to at least 6 inches of water in the basement.

So I put on my yellow rubber boots and went to work. I got the pump hooked up and started draining the water onto the driveway. It was actually a really depressing beginning to a morning.

The basement is drained now but is still drying. I nailed up another 50′ of fence. I am so worried about the little guy.

We also did some planting in the garden. We grilled and I wanted to try out a video camera I won in a local photo competition.

I can’t get the video to upload. Oh well, maybe later…

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