If you ever get curious enough to visit the prairie towns in Minnesota, you may want to visit Godahl.  It was founded by Norwegian immigrants in the 1800’s an its name translates to “Good Valley.”

It seems to be a little ironic since the town is on the prairie at least 30 miles from the river valley. In 1894, a bunch of Norwegian farmers got together and formed their own cooperative store so they would not have to travel the 60 mile round trip by horse and wagon.

The farmers once had a post office and railroad depot. Those buildings and remnants are gone. What remains of Godahl are ragged old houses and the remains of an old convenience store.

the fixer upper.

The expired store boasts a heading of 1922. The store that is still in existence and is the only functioning business in town, is the coop that the Norwegian farmers founded in 1894.


Godahl also boasts a beautiful ball field quietly nestled in between corn fields, kind of like the one featured in “Field of Dreams.” Godahl is only a stone’s throw away.

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  1. chlost says:

    Kind of interesting that a “Field of Dreams” park is just about all there is to a town that is mostly just a memory. Very cool photos of a really intriguing place. Love the yellow color of the house.

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