The lonely pony

before he was Mr. Ed, he was just the little sport….

Meet Mr. Ed. He was only a baby when I bought him. He was four months old and had always been with his Mama. I bought him as a companion to a mare that I really liked since we had no other equines on our property at that time.

I kind of liked the little guy and the price was right. Over the fall and winter months his hair grew and grew.  He was a shaggy little boy and I wondered how he was doing under all that hair!

The little sport in winter

He still had a really cute baby face back then.

When spring came early this year I realized how much fence work I would need to do. Suddenly it hit me that we had ponies, not horses and that brought on all different fencing problems.

I decided to move Mr. Ed as he was now named into the smaller corral we had built, originally as a foaling pen, but now it was all turned around and the mare had free will to the main paddock. I knew the foal would come soon and the weather was stormy. I also knew she felt more secure in that paddock and shelter and wanted her to have the least excitable foal birth as I was able to provide.

The foal was born in the early morning hours in the rain. It rained for the whole morning that day so I am glad I made the decision that I did.

Mr. Ed was in the foal pen, and the mare and foal were in the horse pen. Not good for a Shetland baby.  The pen was built for horses and the foal could easily slip under the lower rail. So I went to work nailing up mesh fence in the main paddock for the good of the newborn.

I nailed the exterior sections up first to prevent the newborn colt from getting under the boards.

I was doing this a section at a time as time and weather permitted. I only had one section to nail up, the section between the ponies.

Mr. Ed could easily be a trick pony. He is smart as most ponies are. He learned that the grass is always greener on the other side. And he will get down on his knees and stretch his neck as far as he has to if that is what it takes!

I knew I had to get this last stretch of fencing done. I had some flimsy plastic snowfence tacked up on the board fence for which Mr. Ed had no respect.

I was gone to work the day it happened. Thankfully my dear partner was here and saved the day. Mr Ed got into the mare and baby’s corral and was trying to act like a stud! The mare, I just call her girl, was backing Mr. Ed into a corner and was about to kick his head off.

But, Bruce was able to intercept and all was safe and sound. That last section of fencing did get nailed up. Now I have to get the electric fence working for the pasture again or Mr. Ed will walk right through the wire. He’s done it before, and the new foal must get the zap of the wire too, or he will be just like Mr. Ed.

Mr. Ed is kind of a lonely little guy right now all by himself. I probably would be too, if I was in his place.

The lonely little guy.

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5 Responses to The lonely pony

  1. Heather says:

    Gosh I love your blog!

  2. Beth Dale says:

    Thanks Heather! That makes me happy!

  3. chlost says:

    Great story. He does look like quite the stud-too bad the mare didn’t agree!

    • Beth Dale says:

      Thank you! Sadly, Mr. Ed will not sire any babies as he is due for an operation known in the horse world as “brain surgery!”

  4. littlesundog says:

    Who couldn’t love Mr. Ed? He’s so handsome! Great post my friend!

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