Someone is snoring too loud!

I can’t get to sleep because someone is snoring. I’m tired, but can’t think of anything else to but get up and write on my sadly neglected blog. I never really defined my blog as you can tell by its very boring name. I started it just as a way to express myself.

I was completely blown away when as a new contributor, I was freshly pressed with “Death of a Snowman.” I got something like 3,000 hits. I was never able to duplicate that success in later posts though I gained a small following.

My posts turned into photographs with some captions or a brief explanation. After a while my posts dwindled down into a once every few months kind of thing. I still can’t believe anyone is following me.

I’m getting cabin fever in a bad way even though it has been a mild winter so far. My boring factory job does not offer much in the way of personal fulfillment. The sleeping, snoring giant is waking me up.

I’ve been thinking about doing freelance copywriting for the last several months. I wrote radio and print copy several years ago so I thought, “I can do this!” I submitted three writing samples to a contractor off Craigslist to get started with a little extra income. They responded within the timeline they advertised and I was rejected. They wouldn’t say why I was rejected.

Oh well, that’s the life of a writer. The contractor didn’t pay that well anyhow. In the meantime, I bought a couple of good books on copywriting. I looked at online courses but many seem way overpriced. There are some that say you can make 6 figures by writing sales letters. All you have to do is send them around $500.00. They just send you course materials and you don’t get feedback.

But while these writers may be good at getting people to bite the hook, you may be wasting precious money. They sell dreams and get you to spend your hard earned cash for it.

I choose instead to research, read, write and forget about rejection notices. Just waking up the sleeping, snoring giant within.


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