A Day in October


A long time friend of mine asked me if I would do some portrait photography for her. I have never done portrait photography before and when it comes to knowing my camera, well let’s just say I know how to turn it on. But, I said, “Sure!”

I was not feeling well with a sore throat and congestion but whatever. It seemed like a good idea.


We drove up the road in the river valley we both know. I suggested we get a photo at the river landing.

casey and brooke at the river

We went to her farm for some pictures with the horses. But by then the clouds were gone and the sunlight made it more challenging for me.


Let’s just say we had a nice October day.

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4 Responses to A Day in October

  1. chlost says:

    Great photos! I especially like the one in front of the tall feathered grass. The horse one turned out well, too.

  2. Littlesundog says:

    I have been asked to do some portrait photography and I always prefer to do it in nature – the colors are spectacular and backgrounds stunning. I’m a point and shoot girl using the auto setting much of the time. I can’t tell people how to pose. I figure the photo should look natural, so why tell someone how to pose or hold their hands or face? These portraits are lovely… and I think much of it has to do with a comfort zone. Your friends looked comfortable and at ease, both with you and in their natural setting. Nice work!

  3. bdale56 says:

    Thanks so much, Lori! I have admired hundreds of photos of yours. You are right, I never had to tell them how to pose. I just suggested settings and took photos. It was a great way for me to have some time with friends and nature and challenge myself with photography as well. It was a wonderful day!

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