I went shopping last weekend with my granddaughters for Halloween costumes at a Target store last weekend. Vivian, who is 5 years old, wanted to be Captain America. Her sister Kaydence was not sure what she wanted to be. Kaydence is nine years old and didn’t want to be a witch or zombie, but she didn’t want to be a princess either. She finally decided to be a cat. She does love cats.

I had to work Halloween night and didn’t get to see the girls in their costumes but I have asked for pictures and will share them with you if you are interested.

Hoping you had a “Spooktalur night,” as my daughter would say!


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3 Responses to A HALLOWEEN TALE

  1. Littlesundog says:

    I love your photos… and I’ve missed you. I’m glad to see you are back! I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful autumn colors. They’re spectacular here in Oklahoma this year!

  2. Juneal Reitan says:

    Of course I want to see pictures!

  3. chlost says:

    Yes, pictures. Your photos here are amazing. I’m not ready for winter yet, but I do love the autumn scenes.

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