A typical weekend…

Last week a neighbor and good friend of mine asked me to look after her farm place for the weekend, she was going horse camping with her daughter. This would leave only two horses for me to look after, one is in her twenties and the other horse has the “heaves” or COPD and is up there in age too.

Our friendship goes back several years, but really it is quite simple, we help each other out from time to time. So this weekend would be nothing for me to worry about, I thought. Besides she has an old farm with lovely opportunities for photos.

a farmplace in summer

I worked until 3 PM that Friday and really did not need to stop in as my friend had only left at noon, but I wanted a small cooler I had left there a week earlier.

As I rounded the turn into the farm yard after driving through the cornfield that seemed to reach as high as the sky, I saw the two horses grazing peacefully outside of the fence on the cornfield.

Now this was not right at all!

Neither horse was wearing a halter so that meant I first had to get one from the shed. The St. Bernard, Marley, came running all happy to see me. I wasn’t as happy as he was for sure.

I got a halter and lead rope and then decided to open a gate in a more secure area. I thought I was going to have a bit of a battle with getting the horses back in as mine are always cagey. But once I opened the gate up, the horses went right to it and I did not even have to put the halter or lead rope on either one.

In the meantime, I had to keep my eyes out for a goat that has warning signs posted on the property.
He’s not a nice goat. Marley the St. Bernard went in between us once so I wouldn’t get butted! I am starting to like St. Bernard’s.

Here is a picture of the goat guarding the horses after they were confined. Don’t let his cute smile fool you!

hot rod

I did get a few other pictures too, but they can wait!

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3 Responses to A typical weekend…

  1. chlost says:

    Oh, you are a good friend to put up with that goat!

  2. Juneal Reitan says:

    Well, that goat sure looks cute. I really loved seeing goats at the fair,e tc. Robert and I went to the Itasca county FAir this year and they had such cute goats – some really tiny. but a mean goat is force to be reckoned with.

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