One week later…

the coltI wish I could give you good news but the reality is mixed.

The colt lived though the night, and the next morning I contacted a friend and neighbor who is now doing an internship at one of the best horse hospitals in the country in Lexington, Kentucky. We communicated through email. She knows the colt well. She had been dragged in the dirt by him when we had to rope him once to loosen his halter.

I got some bute from her farm that day and put it in his grain upon her directions. Bute is short for a medication that relieves fever and inflammation in horses. I had to get his fever down because I knew we were going into a heat wave in the upcoming days. I would have to go to work and the fever had to be down.

I am still not sure if he is going to be OK or not.

The heat wave came on. The weather guys had a heat advisory for the entire week as the temps were in the 90’s and the humidity made it worse. The colt has continued to be well enough to evade all my attempts to help him. Since he now has no halter on he moves at will. The mares will let me give them relief with the fly spray once I grab on to their halters, but the colt runs off.

He was off on his feed though today was the first day we had a break in the weather. He trots around the paddock just ahead of me, refusing to have anything to do with the fly spray even when I offer to just wipe him down with it.

So, in order to treat him I am going to have to have someone come down and rope him. Then while he is on the ground being held down, the vet is going to have to diagnose him.

So there we are…

I’m a little put off as well because I had offered him to the Dakota for free several weeks ago. A nice young Dakota woman came and worked with him a few times but then stopped coming. She was making great progress with him.

I offered the colt to the Dakota because I know of their love for horses. They have a horse camp that children go into from grades 5-12 every summer. I was excited for the colt that he would get to be part of this.

I’m hardly able to express my disappointment. They told me today they did not want the pony after I asked directly. The vehicles they drove into our yard were worth at least a third of the property we own. Yeah, they have money from all the casinos and the dumb people who go there and gamble.

I do not have the hours upon hours to sit there and get the colt used to me. But one thing is for sure, he’s not going off this farm anytime soon.

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2 Responses to One week later…

  1. Juneal Reitan says:

    Oh, poor baby.

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