Relecting on the Fall

048It is less than one week since I fell in a hole in the floor of a hay wagon and bruised almost the whole upper thigh of my leg. I spent the night of the 4th of July icing my leg as an angry bulge seemed to want to dominate me completely.

We were once owners of racehorses, few as we owned, but they incur injuries and the best thing to do is to ice the injury. So I was up late and also slept in late the next morning. I heard the phone answering machine go on but it was in the kitchen. I was in the bedroom and my leg was horribly sore. I went back to sleep.

A somber voice, that of my partner of over 16 years, awakened me and said, “I think you should call Willow. She left you a message and is in the hospital.”

They were riding their Harleys back from a 4th of July celebration when they hit a deer. The deer died. Both my daughter and her boyfriend are lucky to be alive. She now has a six inch gash in her leg and is facing skin grafts to heal the flesh that was ripped from her leg.

But, she’s lucky. She survived.

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4 Responses to Relecting on the Fall

  1. Juneal Reitan says:

    Oh, my gosh. Poor Willow. I’m glad she will be okay.

  2. chlost says:

    Wow. The survival rate on deer vs. motorcycles can’t be great. She is very lucky. Glad both of you are on the mend. Take care. Enjoy the beautiful summer days this week.

  3. jbcamera says:

    When it comes to deer versus motor cycle, neither comes out the winner. Hope you and your daughter feel better soon.

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