Growing older gets more exciting everyday!

IMG_4612coming to visit

In the last week we had a grease fire on the stove put out with baking soda just in time to save the whole stove from going into flames and burning the house down. The fish I was cooking turned out fine, but I got a grease burn on my thigh from pulling it off the stove too fast.

We were so tired after eating the fish that we went to bed.

While we were sleeping our neighbor rearranged our entire pole shed in order to bring in fresh cut hay from our field. Neither one of us heard him do this. He had to move the lawnmower as well as the bobcat.

The pole shed is about 100 feet from the house and the dogs never barked.

We decided to unload the hay rack today as it was quite a problem getting to do anything in the shed anymore especially getting to the already stacked hay. Unloading the rack meant moving everything around.

I noticed a hole on the hay rack bed and told myself I would not step into it.

Unfortunately, while I was throwing bales off the rack, I fell right into the hole on the bed of the rack about 5 bales after noticing the hole and hurt my leg. My left leg got hurt bad and I have the biggest bruise I have ever had on it now. I have been icing it down.

In the meantime, I have also been trying to clean up the stove. Currently, I am in day two of cleaning, though I prefer to call it, “restoration.”

I’m leaving you with a few pictures of the stuff we had to haul out of the shed before I hurt myself.

Oh yeah, since I don’t post that often, I am having a hard time getting the photos right. But as we say in Minnesota, “That’s small potatoes!”

Who’d have thought getting older could be so exciting?

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4 Responses to Growing older gets more exciting everyday!

  1. Juneal Reitan says:

    Well, Beth, this does not sound good. Do not burn yourself anymore and do not fall into holes either!!! Not good. Heal fast.

    I have to go back into same day surgery MOnday as there is still a fragment of a kidney stone giving me pain. It is on the move but needs to get fished out.

    And so it goes……………….. Now robert and I are older and these things happen to us but you are way too young to be having these strange things happen to you. Take care.

  2. bdale56 says:

    The colt got out of his pen last night somehow and was in with the mares this morning. I hope he didn’t breed his mother. The garage door came off yesterday when we shoved the hay rack in too far. Willow just called me and she is in the hospital after being in a motorcycle accident. They hit a deer and Willow is lucky to be alive. What a day! I hope you are feeling better soon too!

  3. Littlesundog says:

    Oh, Beth, I have to confess now, that last week, TWICE I left a burner on and didn’t notice it for an hour or more! We have a propane stove… nothing was on the burner, but still!! How could I do such a thing? I worry about my forgetfulness. I’m also more clumsy. I suppose it’s all part of getting older. I’m trying to take other changes lightly, and laugh about much of it… but it also scares me. Keep well, my friend. Write when you can. I love your posts!

  4. Beth Dale says:

    Growing older sometimes mean you think about your accidents more and realize how lucky you are. It just means you are more reflective than when you were younger. Thanks for writing!

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