Once upon a time…

open doorParty lines were telephone numbers that you shared with a neighbor. You could pick up the phone and hear them talking and would have to tell them it was an emergency or hang up the phone and try calling later.

I’m writing about this because in one person’s lifetime things change quickly. One day you are young, then all of a sudden you are middle aged, and the next thing you know AARP has you on their radar map.

It really is an odd kind of adventure, no matter what.
I’ve been through all kinds of challenges in my younger years and never had a daunting thought that I wouldn’t overcome whatever obstacle.

I guess you could say I am a person who was perfectly happy living in denial most of my life.
I was able to both acknowledge breast cancer and deny it at the same time. But now I have arthritis in my hands that I can’t ignore.

You’ve heard the cliche, “When one door closes, another opens.”
I do this to be generally true, however sometimes it is hard to see the light outside of the door.

But it is always there. (The photo featured was taken at at Fort Ridegly Park in Minnesota…)

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One Response to Once upon a time…

  1. littlesundog says:

    I’m with you Beth, though I haven’t battled anything like cancer, I’ve had plenty of issues to deal with. What helps is to know when others struggle, and we can offer each other love, support and encouragement.

    I love the wood/texture in this photo. Simplistic.

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