Close Encounters of the Natural Kind…

While wandering about my farm trying to capture the beauty of late summer, it appears I may have actually taken a picture of an extra terrestrial! I was too busy taking pictures of sunflowers to notice it until I began processing the photos on my computer. Here it is:

It appears to be phoning home, or maybe beckoning autumn!

Recently I had the occasion to caretake a neighbor’s farm and I found Hot Rod, the goat on full alert at every visit. Perhaps, he too, was on the lookout for E.T!

I also visited nearby fields, drawn in by old farm roads. I didn’t see any crop circles. This is what I saw:

Later on in the day I photographed the nearby abandoned farm place from a distance. The farm house burned down many years ago but the grove and several of the old buildings remain.

Remains of the Day

Not a crop circle in sight! The only crop circles I am likely to see are those made by deer, bedding down for the night.

And so going full circle, I just had to share a sunflower photo taken on the same day as the extra-terrestrial one. Look closely and you will see the moon in the background. It could be a sign…

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  1. Juneal Reitan says:

    LOvely photos, BEth. YOu have a real talent with them.

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