Vacation plans turned upside down

My four days of vacation didn’t turn out as planned. On the first day I had transmission troubles with my truck when driving up to see my sister and mother about 150 miles from my home. I had driven just a short 30 miles when I had to turn around and go back home. The transmission would not go into overdrive.

The rest of the day was spent lazily sitting at home waiting for Bruce to come home to affirm my diagnosis of the truck. The next day the truck went in for repair.

The day after that was my birthday. No big deal! I don’t celebrate birthdays much. But my daughter visited and gave me a cell phone which she said would be very helpful in the event I would ever have a vehicle break down on the road.

I got a call that day from the repair shop and the bill was a little over $650.00 for a couple of sensors that were fried. Holy mosquitoes, Batman! The parts were only $150.00. The rest of the bill was for labor. I wish my employers paid that well!

Oh well, I had my truck back. I decided to still try to make a vacation of it and went to a nearby state park the next day.

I went to Minneopa State Park about 30 miles from my home. Minneopa is a Native American word meaning two waterfalls.

The first waterfall is not too dramatic but is very calming.

The second waterfall takes a dramatic leap.

Farther downstream all is calm and peaceful.

The park also features an old mill originally built in the 1800’s.

On the way back home I stopped at a vineyard and was graciously greeted by the property owners. Even though I am not a wine expert or even a wine drinker, I loved the place. Any time you are in the area stop at Morgan Creek Vineyards.

So I still had a vacation although it was not as planned. Tomorrow I hope to travel into the prairie about another 30 miles to the Laura Ingalls Wilder area and photograph a sod house.

Sometimes the most fun can be found right in your own backyard!

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8 Responses to Vacation plans turned upside down

  1. chlost says:

    One of our best vacations was going into the nearby city and staying there to act like tourists. We saw some sights we did not even know about. Had a great time. Love Minneopa, btw. We used ot live nearby.
    How ironic about the cell phone gift! I am sure you have now moved from the big dramatic waterfall of a huge car breakdown (hate that about cars) on down to a calm stream for a little while now.
    Can’t wait to see more of your photos. Enjoy your weekend.

    • bdale56 says:

      Thanks, wish we could have connected when you lived here, but I was probably living in the cities then. Vacations are almost always good even when they don’t turn out as planned…

  2. jbcamera says:

    Great example of making lemonade when you are stuck with lemons! Great photos. Glad you were able to rescue some of your vacation.

  3. littlesundog says:

    Beautiful and serene photos. As always, you share a lovely story to go with them! Our truck broke down a month ago with a cost of $740 for repairs. It’s an old ’96 Ford Crew cab, long bed I call “Big Green”. She’s worth every dime we paid to have her fixed. She old and reliable most of the time… we all need a little patching up sometimes!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Happy Birthday my old friend!

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