At the horse show

A young friend of mine invited me to a local horse show last weekend in which she was participating. It had been a long time since I had been to a horse show, but my memories are intact. My oldest daughter was quite active in the local show circuit in her younger years. She longs to get back to it now, but can’t afford to buy a horse, truck and trailer and pay for board.

I was eager to go back to the whole experience of the show world, this time without any pressures, just a new camera and lens. Back when my daughter was showing, I took very few photos. I thought I was a lousy photographer.

I still have a lot to learn. But, I thought I would try to capture the flavor of a horse show on a hot, dusty day…


The children were there as always, racing their ponies.

I saw people just having a good time sitting by the clubhouse and a girl with her horse hoping for ribbons.

I watched my friend with her beautiful horse and took this photo just before they took off to race the clock…

There was one young man with a nice build and tan who rode his horse around without his shirt on. It was plenty hot for sure in the mid 90’s, but I thought perhaps he was also advertising stud services. I wasn’t going to take a photo of him front on. But I did take this one… Oh for the good old days! Some things never change.

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9 Responses to At the horse show

  1. chlost says:

    Stud services!! 🙂
    Looks like a fun day. Hope everyone (including the animals) handled the heat without a problem.

    • Beth Dale says:

      That guy was being way too obvious! Everyone did seem to handle the heat well. Looked like the only one swetting was me!

  2. jbcamera says:

    Great photos. I too have had to give up showing for financial reasons. It sometimes feels good to be free of the pressure, but I do miss it sometimes.

  3. Beth Dale says:

    My daughter wants to get back into it and I hope she is able to someday. I am content to go to the shows and take pictures. As you know, a lot of work goes into prepping for a horse show, and I don’t miss that. Thanks for the compliment. I hope to take many more photos!

  4. Lindsay says:

    Don’t forget the Spooner Rodeo, when one recalls the Good Old Days…..

    • Beth Dale says:

      Back in the days of the Xing Cobra! I remember a bird flying through the truck windows on our way back from Spooner, or was I hallucinating?

      • Lindsay says:

        Ah, the Xing cobra! Remember when we ended up in a parade with that truck? Or when the mattress springs blew out the back onto the freeway? How about the sawed off shotgun under the seat? Yes, those were the days.

  5. Beth Dale says:

    I remember all of those times! Riding in the Xing Cobra was almost always an adventure. I miss that truck…

  6. oopsjohn says:

    Nice sharp and colorful pictures!

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