We are waiting. The waiting seems endless. A little pony mare I bought last fall is soon to foal. She is going later than her previous owner predicted. Today she wanted out on the grass as usual but soon went back into the shed.

I love this mare and she seems to love me. She follows me everywhere. But really, it is all what it is in the animal world.

I bought this mare already bred last fall. I really didn’t want a youngster but that was the package. I call her the watch pony because she is always alert.

At the same time I bought the mare, I bought a weanling colt to keep her company. He has grown up into a handsome yearling and now is kept in a separate pen because all he wants to do is prove to the mare what a great stud he is.

He seems so forlorn on the far edge of the property.

I call him Mr. Ed. He’s a nice little guy, just too studly for his own good, or the mare’s good.

For the last couple of weeks we have been waking up with anticipation. In the past we knew when to expect a foal a little better but not having the actual records has left us waiting and guessing. Her bag is full. Her muscles are relaxed in her hindquarters.  She is nipping at her sides even though there are no insects bothering her.

I just wanted to lie right down beside her tonight so I could be there with her.  She seemed to appreciate all my attention.

Even though I did not really want a foal, I find that I am more worried, more riveted to this birth than I ever was when we had homebred racehorses.

It should be a beautiful foal. The little mare is show pony bred and the sire was a flashy regional show pony champion. I wait, and wait and wait…

I will probably not see the actual birthing but some morning will be greeted by my mare with a spindly legged little baby at her side. It can’t be much longer before that day happens. And yet it will take me with total surprise and joy!

Maybe this won’t be the last foal born on our farm. We just never know where life will take us…

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5 Responses to Anticipation…

  1. Heather says:

    I’ll have to keep an eye on your blog so that I can see the new baby when it arrives!

  2. jbcamera says:

    How exciting! Can’t wait to see photos of the new arrival. Good Luck.

  3. Mr. Ed’s coloring is gorgeous, or is part of that from the sun? Can’t wait to hear about the baby and see pix.

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