With a spring in my step…

So I went out today after getting hay for the ponies. It rained earlier and more rain threatened to move in.

It’s what we need after a drought.
Looks like we will have a good first cutting at least.

The flowers are blooming in the kitchen too! Ain’t spring grand!!!

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10 Responses to With a spring in my step…

  1. chlost says:

    That sky is amazing! Wonderful photo…you really captured it.

  2. bdale56 says:

    Thanks! The sky was definitely a dramatic one!

  3. pixilated2 says:

    It is beautiful where you live! We got a good rain today too. I have never lived anywhere that you can HEAR the rain coming. (Read: Gullywasher!!!) ~ Lynda
    PS: Hollyhocks are sprouting! 🙂

    • bdale56 says:

      A lot of times the storms come down straight down the river valley. But the skies in the photo are just the fringe edge of the storm that created over 100 tornados in one weekend. Nature certainly is a mysterious one at times. The best thing one can do is to embrace Nature. It is what it is.

      I am so excited to learn about the hollyhocks! They may take another year to flower. After that they will flower every year and you can collect their seed pods!

      This may sound strange, but I am happy that Northern flowering seeds were planted in the South. I thnk this would make the original sower of the seeds very proud!

      • pixilated2 says:

        Maybe you can share what you know about the original sower of the seeds? I would love to know her a bit of history, if you can share it. ~ L

  4. Brad Bohlmann says:


    Gorgeous photos. The river valley is beautiful down your way and you a knack with the camera.

    I hope all is good. We’re doing well.


    • bdale56 says:

      Thanks Brad! I admire your beekeeping ability! But most of all, you and Jenny have been friends through the ages! I should swinng up your way sometime this summer. And, all is well here too!

  5. littlesundog says:

    We got hail-bombed on Friday night… and flooded by torrents of rain. Tornado threats sent us to the closet a couple of times. Yet the next morning, the birds were singing and my roses were abloom, somehow managing to avoid hailstones. Spring is indeed an exciting and spectacular time of year!

    • bdale56 says:

      I sure hope Daisy didn’t get beat up too much by the weather! We were just on the fringe of the bad weather. Spring and summer definitely bring storms. But so does winter. The storms are around us all the time.

      I’m just glad you’re ok. I wish more people would have basements in your part of the country but I’ve been told the soil is clay and too heavy. Is that true? What about storm shelters?

      I agree about Spring! She is starting to remind me of a mentally ill person. That being said, I know you are doing your part to help her out! If we all did as much as you, the world be be much more compassionate,more open to intrepation through another’s eyes. In short, the world would be much better!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts…

  6. And spring is grand in your images, too. Beautiful photography, as always.

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