Getting a Haircut through the ages…

Do you remember your first haircut? I was at a haircutting shop today and there was a child getting her first haircut.

She was screaming at the top of her lungs the whole time! I looked around the room to see the rest of the clients. They all had silver or white hair, thinned with years of living and combing their heads.

When the screaming child finally left a wave of serenity passed through me.

The last time I was at the haircutting place I asked for a pixie cut, like Jamie Curtis’. They gave it to me, and I didn’t look good. I started cutting my hair really short when I was in my twenties. It looked cute then. I fancied myself as a young Audrey Hepburn.

That pixie cut did not look so good the last time. All it did was accentuate my age. It took me seven months to get over that haircut. And what did I walk into the next time? A shop with a screaming kid and a bunch of old people. And it just so happens that I’m in the freshman class of the old people!

Every once in a while I have a dream where I’m in college but failed a class because I forgot to go. “What?” is always my response, “I don’t remember signing up for that class!”

That’s how I feel when I see myself in the unrelenting mirror of the haircutting shop.  AARP won’t leave me alone either! They keep sending me junk mail with some kind of enticement, like a fancy new travel bag. I almost went for that one. I just don’t get out enough, I guess.

Another thing I have noticed lately is that young people think I look old too! A waitress asked me if I wanted the senior menu!

What is up with kids these days? They have no fashion sense, or musical appreciation. Why don’t they get with it and have some class? All in time, haircut after haircut.

Me, without a care in the world. Not even thinking about haircuts!

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10 Responses to Getting a Haircut through the ages…

  1. pixilated2 says:

    Well, at least you didn’t give yourself your own haircut. I did that to myself recently and was sincerely sorry for having done it…
    It is now grown out enough for a ‘transitional’ cut while I grow it out some more. Yeah, it was that short. ~ Lynda
    !!! 😐 !!!

  2. bdale56 says:

    I cut my bangs. That was bad enough. It looked like a trim job of a second grader…
    Thanks for reading and writing!

  3. jbcamera says:

    I too have tried for the Jamie Lee Curtis cut, and it doesn’t do nearly as much for me as it does for her. It really isn’t fair!

  4. chlost says:

    I have always wanted that cute short cut. It would never work for me. Maybe that traumatic first cut sets the tone for our battles with our hair over the rest of our lives. Have you ever had a cut that you absolutely loved and felt that it made you look fantastic? Not me.

  5. littlesundog says:

    I keep my hair long and prefer it that way. It’s in a ponytail most days just to keep the wind from making me crazy, swirling the locks in my face! At times in the past I let people talk me into a short style. “With such a pretty, long neck you should have short hair”. Bah!! I looked awful each time I had short hair! I’ll be a little old woman with long gray hair… and I’m fine with that. I’m 50… soon to be 51. I’m cool with that too… and I don’t understand young people either. I understand my parents a lot better these days!

    • bdale56 says:

      I wish I had long hair again. Every time I try to let it grow out, I get frustrated at a certain point and get it cut. By the way, you look marvelous! I never would have figured you were 50!

  6. So here’s a story for you. It’s Tuesday night and I’m at the grocery store. I recall, one time, seeing a sign that those 55 and over get a discount on Tuesdays. So I ask. The check-out clerk yells across the lanes to the manager. My hand rushes to cover my mouth and I can feel my face redden as the clerk asks about “the senior citizen discount.” I catch her eye. She apologizes.

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