Nature’s first and last…

There is something magical about spring. It’s a renewal of life even for the old…

This old cottonwood is broken and scarred, but still welcomes spring with new buds. And what a difference a year makes! A year can pass fairly quickly and sometimes we forget how much happened in those 365 days. Last year we went through major flooding. If you care to look back at my posts from a year ago, you will see plenty of water.

In the middle of the summer Mother Nature decided to turn things around and give us a drought. For us it was a welcome relief. Our Minnesota winter was unusually warm and dry as well. It actually was a tolerable winter for once.

The trees and plants are almost a month ahead of time right now. I love how the buds make the landscape look like an impressionistic painting…

I think one of the most delightful reasons to love spring is sharing it with someone special, like a grandchild…

Whether old or young, spring offers new vision as well as beauty, hope and strength. Happy spring to all!

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6 Responses to Nature’s first and last…

  1. chlost says:

    Your granddaughter is gorgeous. She looks as though she is enjoying spring as well. Yes, we are about a month ahead of schedule here, too. Makes me think it is going to be a long, hot, dry summer.

    • bdale56 says:

      Thanks! My grandchildren have my heart that’s for sure, as I know yours have.

      We will just have to wait and see what summer brings. One can never know for sure, but Mother Nature can surely offer plenty of surprises as well as challenges!

  2. littlesundog says:

    This is the third year after a devastating ice storm that ripped at and shattered numerous trees in the area. This year, finally, the scars are hidden by new growth, and abounding beauty. Mother Nature heals all in time.

  3. jbcamera says:

    Loveley photos. We are a good month ahead here in Michigan too, but are waiting for the ‘other shoe’ to drop!

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