The love we share

I haven”t been writing much lately. A lot of my energy went into a photograhy contest called Capture Minnesota. It surely challenged me and made me want to exlore the world of photography more, as well as Minnesota.

For those of you have read my blog over a while, you know photography is something I love. You might also know that I am a cancer survivor.

I never thought very much about cancer when I was going through it. I am pretty sure you could say I was in denial but sometimes that is ok. It has now been 4 years since my diagnosis. In one year from now if the cancer hasn’t come back, I will be considered as cancer free as someone who never had it.

My special little companion, Bull, had a lump on his chest right over a nipple. I was really concerned over this and got him into a good vet. Turns out it was just a fat lump! Hooray!  I love my Bull!




















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