Five Thoughts

These days I am getting older and crankier. It’s a new year; I will probably still get crankier. Sorry! I am trying not to be that way so I came up with a list of 5 things to share.

#1. Work. I am totally bored most of the time at work. But at least I have healthcare and a paycheck. We have a house and a farmplace. We wouldn’t have that without work. I would probably be dead without work since my insurance paid for all my cancer treatments.

#2 Friends and family. The times we share can’t be measured in quantifiable ways…

#3. Even in bad times there is beauty. I learned so much going through cancer and also through floods. The kindness of others is amazing and the beauty of nature is never ending.

#4. Have fun whenever you can! Don’t let the child in you grow old! Build a snowman! Make a sandcastle, or just skip stones into the lake or river!

#5. Always look forward to the next day even if the days before were not so great. You never know what the next day will bring.  Look for the beauty and joy, and you will see it!

These items are not necessarily in the right order…

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4 Responses to Five Thoughts

  1. littlesundog says:

    I remember well the day (many years ago) my 68 year-old neighbor called me on the phone. The night before, mother nature had dropped an unexpected 8 inches of wet snow on our Oklahoma town. She said, “Let’s go ouwt and have a snowbawll fight!! Y’ount to?? I thought this odd… being a northerner transplanted in the south, snow was old hat to me, I decided to indulge her and we threw a few snowballs at each other giggling and laughing. All of a sudden I beaned her in the head and she said, “OK, I think ah’ve had enuf uh that!! Let’s build uh snowmayhan”, and so we did. My friend passed away some time ago, but I still remember fondly that day we spent together in the snow, enjoying each other and the gift of an unexpected, and beautiful snow. Wonderful post!

  2. pixilated2 says:

    My favorite photo is the one with your children in the hollyhocks. Precious. ~ Lynda

  3. Beth Dale says:

    That is not me. That is my partner’s daughter with her daughter at a special moment for us when they came to visit from Oklahoma. Wish I looked that good! But I am 55 years old, so that is that!

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