Death of a Snowman


It’s March 20th; the first day of spring! I hope the photo below is not too shocking for anyone. The snowman’s remains announced the arrival of spring.

Death of a Snowman


It promises to be a rough spring with flood alerts all over the state. Since we live by the Minnesota river, we are bracing for the worst. We put plugs in our basement drains but I awoke to find water all over the basement floor so I connected the pumps and started the drainage process. The river is barely out of its banks and is not even close to the house, but the water table is so high that it is forcing its way in.

It was a foggy morning making the landscape have an almost surreal appearance. 

The ditches are filled with water flowing toward the river.

The horizontal lines on the willows show where the river has reached in recent years.

I walked across our field which will be flooded within a week. The only way for me to get a photo of this tree at that time will be to build a raft.

I’m taking it easy today. Yesterday we filled sandbags and I’m sore. Couldn’t help but notice the beauty of nature even as she challenges us. The last photo is of the misty hills, still snow-covered but melting quickly now, flowing steady toward the river.

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89 Responses to Death of a Snowman

  1. Thank you for the remainder of the beauty the coming of spring, even as it evaporates the winter it meets in its path. What a beautiful wintery spring :)! Congrats on being FP. K

  2. I’m glad my children weren’t over my shoulder when I opened this page. I would have had to cover their eyes…


    Happy spring!

  3. Good riddance, snow man! Glad you’re gone 🙂

  4. Xhisoka says:

    Poor Snowman. Well, let’s just wait ’til he comes back and haunt everyone in town!
    (just kidding).

  5. dscotti says:

    You have no idea how much I love that first picture! I sort of want to run around screaming, “Death to all snowmen!!”
    We live right next to a river and in the past few days it has risen dramatically. Good luck staying dry! 🙂

  6. Lakia Gordon says:

    Yeaaaaah, Spring! See ya later snow 😉

  7. fearfuldogs says:

    I had to click on your blog because the images made me think you might be a neighbor here in Vermont! We don’t have the willows but the remains of snowmen are everywhere.

  8. eva626 says:

    great pictures!!! congrats on being fp’ed

  9. I feel sorry for the snowman but am thrilled for the coming of spring! Besides, flowers are better than snowmen- at least they don’t leave such shocking remains!

  10. OMG! gorgeous pictures!

  11. lisastowe says:

    I’m jealous. Where I live the snowmen are still alive and well. But yesterday one looked a tad bit shorter so there’s hope!

  12. TheAuthor says:

    Some really nice photographs there, particularly the willows as I have not seen one like it before.

  13. enjoibeing says:

    finally the snowman is dead. for now. cant wait for the sun and summer.

  14. As you may know, Brits are not too great at coping with the snow; December 2010 in the UK saw record snow-fall and brought the country to a stand-still.

    This may sound bad but the “Death of a Snowman” image would be found hanging on the front door of many homes here in the UK, almost as a “warning to the snow gods”.

  15. Love your title and the photos are oh-so-vernal-equinox! May the snowman rest in peace!

    Not in Haiti anymore and totally sad about it,

  16. CrystalSpins says:

    I can’t imagine living somewhere where I would have to fill sand bags when the snow melts. I wonder — and I don’t mean this in any kind of negative way, I’m just curious — why haven’t you moved to higher ground?


    • bdale56 says:

      Sandbagging is definitely not fun. We have thought of moving to higher ground but can’t find a suitable place in our price range. Someday the river may force us to move. For now, we’ll stay.

  17. Your pictures are beautiful… especially the first one! Gloomy and almost spooky but I love the colours. I grew up in Scandinavia and know about snow… and lots of it. Spring is always such a joy and relief in a way whehn it arrives, but I hate the transitional period, when you have mud and/or ice covered with melted water on top of it… you just want summer to hurry up and be here already!

  18. saltybi11 says:

    That willow picture is great!

  19. photos4u2c says:

    Nice set of photos. As a native of the Midwest I always dread this time of year. I call it mud season. We really don’t have a spring. You did a nice job finding beauty in the bleak landscape of March. Good luck with the flooding!

  20. You photo fits right into American Funniest Home Video episode, where they were destroying snowmen in all ways imaginable. Generally, I do not like that show, but the demise of snowmen caused by pretty much everything and anything…was very funny!
    Nice photos, glad spring is almost here!

  21. elenamusic says:

    “The snowman’s remains announced the arrival of spring.” Great writing! And then the sad picture of the remains… a lone carrot amongst trashy items. Haha.

  22. Flooded basements are no fun. We don’t get them often, but sometimes the thaw after a winter of heavy snowfall is enough to make it happen. I guess anticipation and preparation are key, like keeping nothing on the floor that can be damaged by water.

    Oddly enough, I just posted about my snowman, who, even in spring, is still thriving in thigh-deep snow.

    • bdale56 says:

      I hope your basement stays dry this year. Sounds like you have a lot of snow to melt. I hope your snowman’s remains don’t end up in your basement!

  23. Hope you can keep the flood waters from flooding too much. Sounds like you have the same problem every year. Good Luck!

  24. I’m so happy spring is here good bye snow man!!!!

  25. reading4me says:

    This has been a long cold winter, so happy to see spring.

  26. keiyria says:

    Poor poor Mr Snowman… 😥 On the bright side your pictures are just beautiful. 🙂

  27. mcreek says:

    Snowmen would be much cuter if they could stick around for spring… I am not a winter fan whatsoever 😦 So long snow and stay away humidity!!!

  28. Hannes says:

    Very beautifuls pics from the nature 😉

  29. lucygail7 says:

    Nice intro picture. Good job. Thank God for Spring. I was so tired of that nasty cold weather and of changing my socks.

  30. happypoppeye says:

    …that first picture is classic. Definitely FP worthy.

    • bdale56 says:

      Thank you! I was surprised to be Freshly Pressed. I’ve had so many nice comments! I hope to get time to wander around on everyone’s sites.

  31. Asta Burrows says:

    I live in Norway and we had our first day of spring here as well today! I just love to see snowmen melt away, and I am so tired of snow and ice, and I can’t wait to see some green grass and flowers 🙂 Happy Spring!

  32. Juan says:

    Wow, Great pictures. I’m intrigued on how high the river will get in your area, you wouldn’t happen to have before/after pictures of the water level? You mentioned that it would take a raft to come back to certain areas. I understand if that’s too much work. 🙂 Just curious.

    • bdale56 says:

      Thanks for your compliments. This weekend I will try to get some photos of the river as long as I am not sandbagging. Current forecasts say that sandbagging probably won’t be needed.

  33. Vandrelyst says:

    The picture of the road is just so unexpectedly beautiful to me… 🙂

  34. Ben says:

    I really loved the first two photographs. They are much better than the others. You should do something with them. Maybe submit the first to an art gallery or competition.


  35. Harold says:

    Nice pics. Congrats on being FP!

  36. harpersfarm says:

    Farewell Snowman!! Welcome Spring!!! Beautiful pictures.

  37. l0ve0utl0ud says:

    Nice photos. Fascinating to see just how different spring is in my own town!

  38. Our snowman died too. My kids and I did a happy dance in the grass. Then today “Spring” came and along with it 4 to 6 inches of more snow. Tomorrow morning the snowman will live another day. Sigh.

  39. shantara says:

    Ahhh, I remember times like that when I lived near the coast in Oregon. It was a lot of fun, watching the river rise. Cows and sheep floating by were amusing too. They were dead of course, got caught up by the floods, or maybe were already dead, lying in a field that the river washed through. Un-moored boats, trees and more trees, kids toys, patio furniture. We saw it all from our kitchen window. And in the spring, the garden was a new mess of weeds we’d never seen before. I miss it, sort of.

  40. rtcrita says:

    Just great images. Really like the first one. That’s some road!

  41. SWK says:

    Lovely pictures. Poor snowman, though! I can’t wait for spring.

  42. keepcaper says:

    your pictures are great.

  43. Angeline M says:

    The first picture was somewhat of a shock. The snowman will rise from the ashes next year 🙂
    Loved your photos and don’t feel so bad about our continued winter rains here in Northern California even though it’s not winter anymore.
    Congratulations on being Fresh Pressed.

  44. Kerri says:

    This is a beautiful post! I am so glad I stumbled on it. I am hopeful for spring… we have had a crazy amount of snow this year and I am excited to see a runoff the likes of my youth. Flooding not so good. It sounds like it is normal for your neck of the woods. Wishing you a lovely spring!

  45. richannkur says:

    Amazing piece of photography…

  46. Sony Fugaban says:

    There’s something in your second picture that makes me at peace.

  47. Great photos, hoping i can live there

  48. Bye bye snowman and welcome Spring :-))

  49. Katie Gou says:

    Beautiful! I’ll bet that you are looking forward to the milder weather of Spring. Though, the flood warnings will be of great concern. The first picture is tragic, a poignant reminder that things don’t last for ever :P.

  50. AryanMolaeimehr says:

    have good days in spring

  51. huffygirl says:

    Death of a snowman – I love it. No wonder you were FP’d. Congrats.

  52. Wow, that’s beautiful! I come from a tropical country… we don’t get the four seasons here… Just the warm and then the rainy seasons. 😉 Nice photos and I love the way you captured the beginning of spring! 🙂

  53. insthing says:

    wew,,beautiful scenery,,,

    does not exist in my country…

  54. whatsaysyou says:

    Looks the end of winter is nigh and spring is coming soon.

  55. Why would you post such a grisly and graphic photo of that snowman?? Hahaha. Wonderful pictures! I was in MN last year around this time and it was just stunning, really as serene and beautiful as you’ve shown.

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